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Why Is Everything Linked To Pawan?

Yesterday was quite an eventful day for all the Mega and Power fans. While Pawan Kalyan was busy giving personal interviews to several TV and print media houses since morning, it was Chiranjeevi's presence at Allu Arjun's Sarrainodu pre-release event in Vizag that kept the fans of both the stars busy and excited.

Even media houses had a gala time publishing live updates and stories about Pawan's interviews and Sarrainodu event. However, certain rumours have started doing the rounds since last night which say that Allu Aravind took potshots at Pawan Kalyan during his speech at Sarrainodu event.

Allu Aravind said that even though he is an established producer, he still fears the outcome of his films as he is constantly anxious about how audiences will react to his films. The senior producer also said that it is this fear that has been bringing him success over the years.

The rumours smartly diverted Allu Aravind's speech and linked to Pawan Kalyan's Sardaar Gabbar Singh's failure. Rumours have it that Allu Aravind was satirically mocking Pawan's negligence and complacency in writing and making of Sardaar Gabbar Singh which led to a huge disaster.

But if observes keenly, there is hardly any link to Allu Aravind's speech and Sardaar's failure. Why is Allu Aravind's speech even being linked to Pawan when Aravind was solely talking about his approach to film production? No doubt this beats all the logic.