Om Namo Venkatesaya

One Lakh Acres for Amaravathi

Andhra Pradesh’s upcoming capital, Amaravathi is going to have a land bank of One Lakh Acres. The government already collected 33000 acres in its land pooling scheme. Recently the Central government announced that it is in favour of denotifying 50000 acres of forest lands as requested by the state government.

The state government further has some land in the area and will also taking some bits and pieces of land in the land acquisition. All this land combined will come up to One Lakh Acres. On the other side, a central team will be visiting Amaravathi very soon to permit the conversion of forest lands.

Land pooling in Amaravathi is one of the biggest achievements in Independent India. At the time when the state governments are struggling to acquire lands, Chandrababu Naidu managed it effortlessly with out paying a single rupee to the farmers. The farmers have trusted Naidu’s experience to help them in future.