Om Namo Venkatesaya

A Senior Fan's Open Letter To NTR

Dear Anna garu,

Hope you're doing fine wherever you are. I am one of those millions of your diehard fans and the few lucky souls who got to see your 'nata viswaroopam' on the silver screen and also a proud witness to how you became the beacon of Telugu pride with your historic legacy as one of the most charismatic and efficient Chief Ministers the country had ever witnessed.

But now, I am writing to you with a heavy heart. Today, the entire Telugu community is observing your 20th death anniversary. Today, everyone is remembering you as the man who united the millions of Teluguites with the emotions called pride and self respect.

And tomorrow, everyone will forget the one most important value you had preached all your life - unity. The very value even your own family members have forgotten since several years. Yes, how I really wish your own blood had stayed together in thick and thin.

Things were normal in your family until several years after your demise. There were days when your sons, daughters and even your son-in-law Chandrababu were in good terms with each other. There were days when Hari, Balayya, Purandheswari, Tarak and even Babu were a closely knitted family. In your family, I saw you and your values.

However, things are totally different now. Hardly we get to see your family members appear together in public. There are several things being said and written about them, which deeply pain me and many fans of our generation. It's been 20 years since you departed to the next world, and your dream of Telugu unity is being defied by your own family members.

How I badly wish that your own blood kept aside the differences forever and reunite. I, your brother, will long for those precious moments to come true. Till then and forever...

Jai NTR..Johar Anna garu!!

Yours sincerely

A senior fan