Om Namo Venkatesaya

KCR's Publicity Gone Wrong!

In the run-up to the most-anticipated Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) elections, 'publicity hungry' TRS is going all out to promote his leader and his policies, government schemes. In an attempt to elevate their leader and CM KCR, the party has put hoardings across the city. However, the erred publicity has gone wrong leaving KCR fall in his own pit.

According to reports, the photos of beneficiaries used by the Telangana government are not from here. The TRS reportedly lifted the photos of beneficiaries from the internet and passed them as its beneficiaries to impress the citizens of Hyderabad.

This random lifting of photos was not just limited to hoardings alone. They're also being used in the party's social networking campaign. On its Facebook page 'TRS Party Official', the party has several such pictures including those of the hoardings.

On the TRS Facebook page, there's a photo of a farmer with a happy smile along with helpline numbers. But he is not from Telangana. The picture has been lifted from, and its tagline states Coimbatore. It may be recalled that the TRS government is under the wrath of farmers as scores of farmers in the state committed suicides ever since the party came to power.