Om Namo Venkatesaya

Tollywood producer is a Big Robber

His dream was to become a star producer and to make his nephew a hero. In order to fulfill all the dreams, he chooses to rob banks and houses of big shots. Even, his family supported him doing so. He had produced a movie which never released and when he is planning to make another movie police caught him with huge assets.

S Balamurugan aka Bala belonging to Turuvarur of Tamil Nadu has big dreams of becoming a producer, but he didn't have enough money to accomplish it. So, he became a robber. He worked as car driver at film personalities only to make contacts. Bala then took membership at producers council.

Bala produced a movie 'Manasa Vinave' with robbed money, making his nephew Suresh hero. Owing to some reasons, this film hasn't seen theaters yet. Then, Bala decided to make another film titled 'Athma' with writer Sampath. While he was making arrangements to make his second production, he flew away with information of police chasing him.

When police caught Bala in Bangalore, he was suffering from a deadly disease. Police recovered Rs 72 lakhs liquid cash and 1 crore worth ornaments. Total of 29 non-bailable cases were registered against Bala. He adopted two kids and owns a house in Kismatpur, Hyderabad.