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T-Minister Excellent Suggestion To Tollywood

Telangana state minister for Commercial Taxes and Cinematography, Talasani Srinivas Yadav, has came up with a good proposal. He has asked few big wigs in the Telugu film industry to come forward and arrange a get together function for senior actors, character artistes soon.

Following the suicide of senior actor Ranganath, Talasani has made aforementioned proposal and said that such get together would bring all senior and yesteryear actors on one platform where they could share their difficulties, problems with one another. He opined it'd ease them from feeling of being alone, deserted.

Talasani had also revealed that Ranganath had telephoned him and met him few days before hanging himself. Recalling meeting with him, Talasani said that Ranganath had sought help for his maid from government and asked him to provide her a two-bed room house for her through government scheme if possible. Talasani shared that Ranganath had always thought of well-being of others and never expected any personal gains from government or individuals.

Now, the ball is in the court of Movie Artistes Association (MAA) which has to take fervent steps to safeguard elderly actors who are out of work now and arrange a gathering as early as possible.