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Ram Gopal Varma Killing Veerappan Movie Review - 2.7/5 - neither boring nor exciting.

Sensational Director Ram Gopal Varma coming up with biggest man hunt of Asia, Killing Veerappan, today. Killing Veerappan based on the story, “ What RGV known through the persons associated Veerappan as well as the info from the search engine followed by other media and platforms.  Let’s get into Killing Veerappan Telugu Movie Review, “ Whether it hunt the box office with tremendous collections or not”.

Simply, the story of Killing Veerappan is  “What kind of strategies are implemented by the cops to hunt and kill Veerappan?” Finally, How they succeeded in hunting down Veerappan?

In this thriller, Shivaraj Kumar portrayed as the special officer on duty to hunt Veerappan(Sandeep Bhardwaj).  To Kill Veerappan, How Shivaraj turned into notorious one than Veerappan? And How he has killed Veerappan? is  the main plot of the story?

In Killing Veerappan, Ram Gopal Varma proved again that no one could use technical department better than him in Indian Cinema. His taking was fantastic. The way, RGV utilized the Cinematography and back ground music was amazing.

In Killing Veerappan, sound design and back ground music of Seshu KMR is brilliant. Along with, Cinematographer was cent percent succeeded in capturing the visuals as per the vision of RGV. DOP was really, fabulous. And the remaining department played their part, nicely.

Last, but not the least, makeup artist would definitely deserve accolades for his terrific work in turning sandeep bhardwaj look alive like Veerappan. Heis too brilliant with his work. All the technical department was brilliant as usual.

Well, When come to performances, Kannada Superstar Shivaraj Kumar and Sandeep Bhardwaj as Veerappan done wonderful job. Especially, Shivaraj Kumar has portrayed the wickedness and cruelness on Veerappan was simply mind blowing. He killed with the expressions. May be, he put his anger on Veerappan in the role for kidnapping his father, Legend Raj Kumar.

As Veerappan, debutant Sandeep Bhardwaj successful in presenting Veerappan on silver screen with his performance. His body language and attitude is alike, Veerappan. The remaining characters, Parul Yadav and Yagna shetty  has done their best.

Killing Veerappan is technically and performance vise brilliant. But in narration, it is unexciting and uninteresting. Killing Veerappan has flat plot from the beginning to end of the film. There is no breath hold scenes or gripping execution.

Killing Veerappan is neither boring nor exciting.

Positive Points:
Background music and sound design, DOP
Shivaraj Kumar, Sandeep Bhardwaj

Negative Points:
Lack of gripping narration

Killing Veerappan was neither boring nor exciting. Those who want to Know, “ How Killing veerappan was hunted down?” You can watch, Killing Veerappan.