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Srimannarayana (Balakrishna) Movie Review - Rating: 2.5/5

Rating: 2.5/5
Cast : Balakrishna, Isha Chawla, Parvathi Melton, Suresh, Vinod Kumar and others
Directed by : Ravi Chavali
Produced by : Puppala Ramesh
Banner : RR Movie Makers
Music : Chakri
Release Date : 2012-08-30

Balakrishna has been running through bad phase since Lakshmi Narasimha. Except for a good commercial hit like Simha in between, all other movies of Balakrishna have disappointed in the recent times. Srimannarayana didn't raise too many expectations due to Balakrishna's current form and Ravi Chavali's track record. However, we can never underestimate Balakrishna as he has knack of delivering blockbusters when the chips are down. Did that happen for Srimannarayana? Check out...

What is it about?

Srimannarayana (Balakrishna) is a journalist who uses brains as well as his physical power to fight injustice. His father Kalki (Vijay Kumar) is a great man who gives away his entire assets for the welfare of farmers. He founds a trust to save farmers from their problems and in no time that rises to over 5000 crores. Harshad (Suresh) and his other associates steal that money and Srimannarayana is thrown in to jail. How he gets back that money is the main plot of this film.


Balakrishna has done this type of roles in the past too. It is just cakewalk for the veteran. He still has that energy to impress his fans with dances. Needless to say about his specialization in delivering powerful dialogues. Heroines are mainly used for commercial reasons. Parvathi Melton role should have been better as she played the role of a responsible journalist. Director had other ideas though. Isha Chawla is okay and did her best to keep the glamour quotient up.

There are many villains in this movie. Suresh is average and Jaya Prakash Reddy is loud. Kota Srinivasarao, Vijay Kumar and Vinod Kumar are perfectly cast. MS Narayana, Krishna Bhagavan's comedy is outdated.

On the Technical Front:

Srimannarayana is weak on the technical side. Director Ravi Chavali tried to prove a point that he has very good knowledge about advanced technology. He didn't update his knowledge on film technology though. There is so much money spent on this film but the quality has been missing.

Cinematography is pretty bad and editing has too many jerks. Music by Chakri is passable. Neither of the songs is catchy. Despite Balakrishna's efforts songs didn't come out as expected. Background score isn't impressive.

Director Ravi Chavali made an honest attempt to make Srimannarayana work with masses as well as the classes. He tried to deal the movie in intelligent manner, but somehow didn't possess those skills. Perhaps he should have banked upon Balakrishna's core strengths than believing in his intelligence.


Srimannarayana starts on a weak note as we get a feeling that the director is just passing the time before getting into the main plot. Three songs breezes away before the actual story begin. There are few scenes in between which are included for entertaining purpose, but sadly that didn't happen.

Movie seems to be okay as it reaches the interval point. Director failed to make this saga of hero killing all the villains in engaging fashion. We have seen such movies in the past. Satruvu, Ganesh and few other movies had excellent emotional touch to them. Director Ravi Chavali failed to give emotional depth to his characters.

Hero coming out of jail and the way he eliminates the wrongdoers should have been shown in an interesting manner to arrest the audience. Director's inability to narrate the story is evident in many scenes. It keeps on dragging towards the end. Lack of comedy and emotions makes it a painful watch. We have to wait and see if masses and Balakrishna fans gets satisfied with this product or not.

Verdict: Srimannarayana misses the target by a mile.