Om Namo Venkatesaya

Anything can happen in politics proves Andhra Jyothi

Politics is probably the only place where there are no permanent rivals. Time heals everything, and makes staunch enemies as good friends. Same has been proved earlier today when TRS minister, K Harish Rao visited Andhra Jyothi’s head quarters in Hyderabad and selected a winner for the lucky draw conducted by the prestigious paper. Speaking at the event, Harish lauded the efforts of Andhra Jyothi and termed the paper as Prajala Patrika. He also requested Radha Krishna and his paper to become a bridge between the government and the public. If one can remember, both the TRS party and Andhra Jyothi MD, Radha Krishna were at logger heads after the latter’s channel was banned in Telangana. Radha Krishna went through some tough times and fought hard for reviving this relationship with the ruling party. Now, tables have changed, and with Harish Rao visiting the Andhra Jyothi office only proves that there are no permanent enemies in politics and even the biggest of the names and parties can amend their words and life styles to make a new beginning.