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Reddy says Aamir need not clarify any one!

Senior Congress Leader and Former Union Miniser Jaipal Reddy came to the rescue of Bollywood Superstar Aamir Khan who is at the centre of a raging debate over his intolerance rising remark. There is an all round attack on Aamir on social media after his comments that his wife suggested moving out of the country as she fears here.

“Aamir Khan need not issue any clarification. He earned a unique niche for himself with patriotic and constructive roles in his films,” Reddy said. Jaipal even went on to admire Kiran Rao for expressing her honest disgust over the intolerance prevailing in the country.

Congress leaders just like Jaipal Reddy are lining up to defend Aamir Khan in this issue as it will corner the government. They are also likely to stall the just began Parliament session over this issue.