Om Namo Venkatesaya

Odarpu Yatra for Jagan!

AP Politics drastically changed after Jagan’s challenge of toppling Chandrababu Naidu’s government. Media houses have started the buzz of YSR Congress MLAs jumping to the ruling party. It is said that as many as 10 MLAs are looking for right moment to cross the fence. This is sending chill down the spines of the opposition party leaders.

Mass defections will mean that the party is weakened just like in the case of Telangana TDP. Jagan himself is calling all the MLAs and talking to them. Until now, he never cared about them. The party is making sure that MLAs of every district come together and clarify in a press meet that they are going to stay with the party.

This Press Meets of YSR Congress MLAs are appearing like Odarpu Yatras for Jagan. Whatever may be the end result, it looks like the ruling party is certainly successful in pinning down the Opposition leader. This is a morale booster for TDP ahead of the crucial budget session.