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Deathblow to congress ahead of GHMC by KCR

Operation Akarsh in Telangana giving shivers to the opposition parties’ congress and TDP. Ahead of GHMC elections KCR is going to give deathblow to congress by pulling three important figures into the pink party. They are rumoured to be Danam Nagendar, Geetha Reddy and Mukesh Goud.

Congress is mulling options to remove Danam from Greater Hyderabad Congress Committee (GHCC) president citing the reason for his inactiveness despite of shortcoming GHMC elections. There are rumours that he is consciously avoiding Congress party to join TRS. Geetha Reddy is dissatisfied over the days with congress high command giving priority to young blood in late times. She and her associates are keenly considering option to join TRS.

While Mukesh Goud is ready to join TRS provided that his son Vikram Goud will be considered for significant post in GHMC. Apart from that there are also reports emerging that former GHMC chairman Banda Karthika Reddy also would like to join the pink party ahead of GHMC elections.