Om Namo Venkatesaya

AP paying price for being on Modi’s side!

Central government had resorted to damage control to its image in AP. Center had released 940 Crore to Tamil Nadu to battle heavy rains lashing the state. AP CM Chandrababu Naidu wrote a letter day before Tamil Nadu government for center’s help but was shown empty.

This attitude of center came under severe criticism and it had to cover up. Center released 700 Crores to the state and this amount had got deposited to state government’s account.

However this will only turn to be an ‘eye wash’ as the central government is likely to show this 700 Crore as the part of 1000 Crore pending to the state. As of now the amount is shown under Union Planning Schemes, they will be moved to the right ‘category’ once the issue dies down. Center is helping Tamil Nadu as it needs AIADMK’s support in Rajya Sabha to pass several key bills but AP’s help is already guaranteed. AP is paying price for being on NDA side.