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When Jagan Took 5 Crores From YSR

Former Union Minister and 6-time MP from Rajampet constituency A Sai Pratap revealed a few interesting facts about the father-son relationship between his close friend and former CM late YS Rajasekhara Reddy and his son YS Jagan.

In his latest interview to a popular news channel, Sai Pratap said that the late YSR and Jagan used to share a warm and affectionate relationship and that they never had any misunderstandings or verbal altercations between each other. The former Congress leader also revealed a closely guarded monetary secret of YSR and Jagan.

The veteran politician said that Jagan once asked YSR for Rs. 5 crore and that a worried YSR himself disclosed it to him and asked him whether he should give such a huge amount to his son. Sai Pratap apparently encouraged YSR to give the money to Jagan and YSR ended up giving the 5 crores to Jagan.

Jagan invested the money in business and earned a lot huge, again disclosed by a relieved YSR who was quite proud of his son's achievements.