Om Namo Venkatesaya

Lands Sale disappoint KCR big time!

Despite a budget surplus state, Telangana is still funds crunch due to various ambitious schemes rolled out by the state government. As Center did not heed to their request of relaxing FRBM limits, Telangana government pinned all its hopes on income from government lands sale to fund various schemes.

But it turned other wise. According to the government estimates, 13500 Crore income is expected from land sale for the current financial year. But as the year is going to end up in another month, the state government just managed to get 392 Crore from the land sale. There are several reasons for this non-demand.

High prices, no proper infrastructure for such lands, no roads were some of the reasons for this non-demand. The government is gearing up for one more auction next month with target 2000 Crore. But government sources themselves admit that it will be a up hill task.