Om Namo Venkatesaya

Modi Not Ready To Leave Naidu

There are a lot of equations that decide a political decision and it is always important to have trustworthy members around. Currently, different talks are coming that BJP veteran Venkayya Naidu will become the governor of Tamil Nadu or the Vice President of India.

In order to clear the confusion, BJP sources said that "Modi Ji is not willing to let go of Naidu Ji. For any issue related to parliamentary affairs or accusations from opposition, Naidu Ji has got the statistics and numbers on hand. He is the right man to tackle such things."

It is heard that since it is just a party amendment and not a constitutional amendment Venkayya will continue as MP and Union Minister. Someone asked Naidu about becoming the Vice President. In his usual style, he said "I am only Ushapathi not Uparashtrapathi." Well, his wife is Usha. His spontaneity and wit is much needed in parliament and for Modi also.