Om Namo Venkatesaya

BJP trying to hit TDP’s strength in Telangana

BJP, the alliance partner of TDP seem to be troubling the Cycle party as much as possible. We have already seen cracks in the alliance and now it is revealed that BJP is trying to encroach TDP’s working President in the new state.

It is said that BJP’s Union Minister Hansraj Gangaram happened to see Revanth Reddy’s speech in a meeting and was very impressed. He reportedly offered him to join BJP and promised to make him the party’s CM candidate in Telangana. It is said that Revanth Reddy turned the offer citing that he is happy with TDP.

This incident comes as a shock for TDP high command as its own partner is openly trying to damage the party. But since Revanth Reddy did not yield to the offer, TDP wants to brush the issue. On the other side, both the parties are having their own inhibitions on alliance with other especially after Warangal by-election failure.