Om Namo Venkatesaya

National media ignores Chennai, not Social media!

The incessant rains across Chennai drenched the roads and houses in the city. Everywhere there is a sort of kindness and helping nature nurtured due to this rains. Tamil people are blasting national news channels because of meager coverage regarding rains in the city and disaster. They say it’s the worst rain hit Chennai in 100 years and this cannot go under the radar. 

Tweeples on social networking site Twitter started #ChennaiRains and #ChennaiRainsHelp for needy people. This has turned into huge hit after starting in hours. Chennai people started tweeting about their hardships and people who can help them re tweeting them with necessary information and food groceries etc. People are giving their numbers along with their address to help the needy and asked the strained people to come to their houses for accommodation.

Satyam Cinemas and AGS cinemas have opened their doors to accommodate stranded people. The rains are expected to continue due to low pressure in Bay of Bengal, Army too reached Chennai as the death toll started increasing further.