Om Namo Venkatesaya

Amaravati to open new doors for Telangana

Andhra Pradesh government is planning to begin the construction of Amaravati, the upcoming state capital from June next year with a target to complete the first phase by 2018. Amaravati construction will give rise to employment opportunities in unskilled sector like never before in the past.

Particularly there will be huge opportunities in construction segment which will be handy for several people of Telangana. Several interior districts of Telangana have Lakhs of construction workers who work in other states. Now they are eyeing work in AP for their livelihood.

Several districts of Telangana are under severe famine for several years. Their lives did not have much change even after Telangana is attained. Many of the people live in the other states doing various labour works. Amaravati construction will open new world of opportunities to them and particularly near to their home.