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Sher Movie Review - 2/5 - Beware of Sher!

Cast: Kalyan Ram, Sonal Chauhan, Mukesh Rushi and Others
Directed by: Mallikarjun
Produced by: Komara Venkatesh
Banner: Vijaya Lakshmi Pictures
Music by: Thaman
Release Date: 2015-10-30

Kalyan Ram has scored a blockbuster with Pataas after a longtime. However there is absolutely no buzz around his latest release Sher probably due to the poor show of director Mallikarjun's previous films. Sher released amid low expectations but still fails to impress with clichéd story and outdated filmmaking.

What is it about?

Gautham (Kalyan Ram) shatters the dreams of a rowdy named Puppy (Vikram) whose only aim was to get married. Puppy says that he will take away Gautham's girl to seek revenge. Gautham falls in love with Nandini (Sonal) and Puppy enters the scene. Gautham should impress Nandini's father and get rid of Puppy.


Kalyan Ram is in his elements. This is a stock character that doesn't demand anything from the actor. He tried his best to keep the energy levels up and save the film to an extent. Sonal Chauhan is glamorous and will certainly impress the audience who come to theaters for an eye feast. Brahmanandam is wasted yet again. His character is poorly written and therefore he couldn't do anything to make you smile. Same is the case with rest of the comedians. There are lots of villains and none could leave an impact. There are so many noted actors in the movie but none of them were given a notable character.


Mallikarjun seems like he hasn't learned anything from his past mistakes. He has made an attempt to showcase Kalyan Ram in an out and out action entertainer. He should have written an interesting screenplay to make this mediocre story work. Instead he has made it even worse with poorly conceived scenes and illogical sequences.

Thaman's music is not so impressive. His signature is clearly missing. It would be hard to believe that the music is scored by Thaman if you aren't aware of it. Cinematography is pretty ordinary. Editing is poor. Dialogues are awful. This is one film that fails to score in every department.

Thumbs Up:

Kalyan Ram

Sonal Glamour

Thumbs Down:





Sher is a commercial template that checks all the boxes of a regular masala movie. There is action, comedy, sentiment and romance. But the director needs to cook an interesting script with all these ingredients. Mallikarjun failed on the script level itself. There is nothing that anyone could do to make this a better film that was totally flawed on the writing table.

Sher starts on a dull note and fails to rise above that mark at any point. One would expect such template films to be high on comedy. There is scope for comedy during the second half but Mallikarjun didn't make use of it. He has signed up many frontline comedians but their hands were tied up with pathetically conceived scenes.

Things get even worse as the movie slips into flashback mode. This is entirely seventies and eighties stuff that will bore you to death. Anybody with little knowledge on Telugu cinema can predict what is coming in the next scene. One should be extremely patient to sit through this lousy film. Sher is not worth a watch even when it was aired on television. Sadly the timing of this film's release will surely affect Kalyan Ram who has recently got back on track. On a whole skip this Sher at all costs.

Verdict: Beware of Sher!