Om Namo Venkatesaya

No Earth Quakes danger to Amaravati

The upcoming capital region of Andhra Pradesh is very less likely to be affected by Earth Quakes if any. Amaravati lies in seismic zone III which may experience an earthquake of maximum intensity 7. But the fact is that a major part of the country including Andhra Pradesh falls in the zone.

Experts say that there can be no danger if the constructions and structures are built as per the national building code. The state government already voiced its objective of following strict norms for raising structures which can resist a quake of that magnitude.

Amaravati did not experience any major earth quake in several decades. An earthquake of magnitude 5.2 was recorded in Ongole in the 1960s which passed off with out much damage. So seismologists say there is no major risk of earth quakes in the city to be build.