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No More 'AP' In Telangana State

The new state of Telangana has finally zeroed in on the registration codes for its districts. While it allotted TS 1 to TS 16 to its 10 districts, the government of Telangana has asked the vehicles bearing AP registration in Hyderabad and other 10 districts to change their registration to TS code. 

The TS government set a four-month deadline for this shift. The Transport Department recently issued GO MS.No. 44  for the same - seeking reassign of registration number to vehicles. For the vehicles (with AP registration) in Adilabad, Hyderabad, AP would be replaced with TS whereas the rest of the number remains the same. However, in the remaining 8 districts, fresh registration number would be allotted. With the government's latest decision, over 76 Lakh vehicles are expected to undergo this major change over of vehicle registration code.

Vehicle registration codes & corresponding districts

TS 1 - Adilabad
TS 2 - Karimnagar
TS 3 - Warangal
TS 4 - Khammam
TS 5 - Nalgonda
TS 6 - Mahbubnagar
TS 7,8 - Rangareddy
TS 9,10,11,12,13,14 - Hyderabad
TS 15 - Medak