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I Don't Have Money To Expand Janasena - Pawan

Pawan Kalyan met with AP Chief Minister Chandra Babu naidu today and for the first time visited the Capital area of Amaravathi. Talking to the media about his discussion with chandrababu Naidu for about two hours Pawan Kalyan said I came here to thank Chandra Babu Naidu personally for Kind heartedly concenting to my wish to not take land forcefully. He further said "I mainly discussed three topics with the Chief Minister, 1. Bauxite mining, 2. Accordance of special status to Andhra Pradesh, 3. Centring the whole development of the sate around the capital city" he said.

Pawan also stated that he was visiting Amaravati now as he could not make it for the Inauguration ceremony. Pawan Congratulated Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu for organizing such a huge event. Pawan also assured the people of AP that Chandra Babu Naidu too like him was not up for grabbing the lands of poor and consented with his idea of taking lands only from the willing families.

Pawan said that he also requested the Chief minister not to evacuate the tribal residents near the Bauxite mining region but get their cooperation to do it. Pawan was all positive about his meeting with the Chief Minister and stated that Chandra Babu Naidu heeded and accepted to all his requests. He also stated that he discussed about irrigation projects and decentralizing development so all the regions of AP are developed.

Talking about GHMC elections Pawan Kalyan said his party Janasena rite now isn't financially all too strong to contest for the election but said they would in the 2019 elections. Moving on to Bihar elections he laughed the question off and diplomatically stated he cannot comment on it at the moment and said the repetition of same scenario in AP would be totally be dependent on BJP keeping its promise of special status or for that case any sort of help to the state as promised in the parliament during the bifurcation

Talking on getting down to protest against the Center Pawan Kalyan said that the problem here is the necessity for it and also that one should understand that any kind of protest would only do bad to him or the people of state but would have no impact on the center. He also said he would react very differently if the center fails to keep it's promise and said so far the center is still in the process of doing (Helping) something for the sate so it isn't wise of anybody to react before the centre comes clear on its plans about what to do for the state.