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Telangana Police Financed Bruce Lee Movie?

Suspended Police ASI Mohan Reddy is not as small fish as anyone thinks.

Earlier he's accused of scaring people in Karimnagar district, Telangana with his power and position. He used to lend money through agents for 5% and 10% interests for common people to big shots and then torture them for compound interests. Later he acquires property document as surety and gets the Power of Attorney written on his name. That's it, the property is gone. And this murky policeman has a connection with Film Industry too. 

For acquiring hundreds of crores of assets, recently CID have arrested ASI Mohan Reddy and inquiring his connections with senior officials and the reason for amassing huge money. What's stunning is that, CID sources are heard finding that Mohan Reddy has lent money to "Bruce Lee" distributors too. Whether he has lent money to "Bruce Lee" distributor or Hyderabad based producer is not known, but he's said to be financing nearly 40 lakhs for the film. It's being rumoured in media circles that film industry people who have connections with Mohan Reddy will also get questioned. 

Though Mohan Reddy is doing this 'danda' from a long time, he was arrested only when a school principal committed suicide after taking 50 lakhs loan from the ASI. Basing on prinicipal's suicide note and his wife's complaint, this blood-sucking ASI was taken into custody under Money Laundering Act and suspended from job.