Om Namo Venkatesaya

New Clothes & Invitation For Amaravati Heroes

In a welcoming gesture, the AP government is gifting new clothes along with invitation cards to all the real heroes who are making the ambitious dream of Amaravati come true finally, the farmers of Amaravati. It is well known that all these farmers gave away thousands of acres of their lands for capital construction and in a return gesture, the government is felicitating them at the right time.

All the people living in Amaravati region are given an invitation card for the Amaravati foundation stone-laying ceremony along with new clothes purchased from Apco. Apparently, the government officials hav also told the invited people to attend the ceremony in brand new lungi and sarees. 

With this touching move, the Chandrababu government has succeeded in creating a healthy government-people rapport with the farmers. Apart from this token gesture, the AP government has long back promised several sops like one job per home and other relief packages to the farmers who sacrificed their lands.