Om Namo Venkatesaya

Upasna Fights For Justice For Devi

The tragic and mysterious death of the 21-year-old Hyderabadi engineering student Devi and the loopholes in the police investigation have invited severe public fury. Already, thousands of students, including Devi's family members, have been protesting for justice and demanding the police to punish the culprit Bharat Simha Reddy without shielding him.

Joining these protests now is none other than Ram Charan's wife Upasna. Last night, Upasna took to her Facebook page and shared a lengthy message describing the series of events that took place and might have taken place before and after Devi's death and demanded for a strict punishment to the culprit no matter how influential he is.

In her post, Upasna said, "Another Indian daughter lost her life and there is no action taken on the culprit only because he is rich enough to have connections. Let us all come together and show him that he cannot escape from the truth and justice. Keep sharing this post as much as possible to it compels the govt officials to take strict action on the culprit whoever he is."

Upasi also urged everyone to sign the petition to the Supreme Court is India demanding justice for Devi. Upasna's call for justice has received a huge support from her followers and with more such celebs coming out in support, Devi might get justice for her untimely and shocking demise. Bravo, Upasna!