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Arya Vaishyas Warns All India Radio

The world Arya Vaishya Mahasabha President Thanguturi Ramakrishna has warned to shut the nation's iconic media organization, All India Radio (AIR), for airing a program that showed the Arya Vaishya community in poor light. Warning that the Arya Vaishyas will shut the All India Radio stations across the country, Ramakrishna demanded strict actions on those involved in the derogatory program.

Recently, AIR aired a Hindi program to propagate the Prime Minister Mudra Yojana Scheme and in the Yehudi translation, one of the characters was made to utter the dialogue, "Naa sampadana antga aa komatodiki vaddi kattadanike sarpoyindi." Soon, these lines were spread all over the world through WhatsApp.

Based on the complaint filed by the Arya Vaishya leaders, AIR rolled back the controversial program and the Deputy Director of AIR even issued an apology letter to the Vijayawada BJP's City President. Not content with this, the association heads demanded the arrests of the people behind the derogatory program and even stated that they will move the court against AIR.