Om Namo Venkatesaya

July 22- Litmus Test for AP

The new state of Telangana has been carved out only after the years of struggle with political leaders, students, NGOs, lawyers, various employees coming together making the state formation an impending one. There's no denying that Telangana wouldn't have formed without political leaders cutting across party lines have fought in unison for the cause keeping aside their political rivalry, differences.

The leaders, people of the successor state of AP should get inspired more or less from it as come July 22 AP is facing a litmus test. The private bill on Special Category Status (SCS) for AP, moved by Congress Rajya Sabha member KVP, is coming up for voting on Friday. The moot question is whether the TDP MPs, YSRCP MPs and BJP MPs in Rajya Sabha would vote in favour of the bill in Rajya Sabha or not.

Though Congress leaders from AP are going all out and seeking support from TDP, BJP and YSRCP on the issue, the response seem to be a bit bleak. AP Congress wrote to the leaders of political parties asking them to issue whip to its party MPs to participate in the voting. Congress has already managed to get the support of both Left parties - CPI and CPI(M) - Samajwadi party and BSP who have agreed to vote in favour of the bill.

It's time for political parties in AP to put aside their professional conflict and support the bill in the Upper house as it's very crucial for mounting pressure on Centre to accord Special Category Status to the new state.