Om Namo Venkatesaya

Top Priest Fixed Muhurat for Jana Sena

Pawan Kalyan's sudden decision to held a public meeting in Tirupati on Saturday might come as a shocker to many including TDP leaders who have been maintaining friendly relation with the star-politician. Inside buzz is that a top priest has apparently played a pivotal role in fixing the Muhurat for the Sabha that's expected to announce the active state of Jana Sena and its proper functioning from now onwards.

Pawan has met a top priest in Tirupati recently after decided to go public. Pawan met the priest for over an hour where he said to have discussed on various issues including the future of Jana Sena and what would be the right time to start its key functioning. Also Pawan reportedly did offered special Pooja as advised by the priest and fixed the Muhurat for the Sabha.

Knowing of Pawan's meeting with the priest, Jana Sena activists and many Pawan fans, who were waiting outside his guest house, surrounded the priest and tried to get info from him but the priest smartly escaped from them.

Let's see what will be Pawan's future course of action and what crucial role Jana Sena will play in the politics of AP in days to come.