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Exit Polls: Congress May Lose Two More States

Five state assembly elections exit poll is giving little more strength to BJP's call for Congress-free-Bharat, as BJP is likely to win Assam for the first time dethroning Congress. 

Going by the exit poll, BJP will win over Congress to gain power in Assam, AIADMK Jayalalithaa loses to DMK in Tamil Nadu, Mamta Banerjee keeps it up with Trinamool Congress in West Bengal and Left Democratic front comes back to power in Kerala. 

According to the numbers shown by India Today-Axis exit poll post Assam voting, BJP combine in Assam is getting some 79 to 93 seats, while Congress has to be happy with just 26 to 33, the All India United Democratic front can get around 6 to 10 seats. 

In West Bengal, Trinamool Congress CM Mamta Banerjee is sure to get into power again, but with a less majority this time, according to ABP Ananda. Trinamool Congress is expected to get some 179 seats from a total of 294, while Congress is predicted to get around 110, BJP can get a seat and others may be seeing five seats. 

In Tamil Nadu, DMK is likely to win over AIADMK this time as exit poll of news nation says that DMK will be getting around 114 to 118 seats and AIADMK will not get more than 99, DMDK of Vijaykanth is getting upto 14 sets. India Today Axis says that DMK is getting 124 to 140 seats while AIADMK will get 89 to 101 and Vijayakanth's DMDK may not see a number other than zero from a total of 232, as polling in two has been postponed. BJP is expected to win less than 3 here. 

In Kerala, Left democratic front is expected to gain around 88 to 101 seats according to India Today-Axis exit poll survey and United democratic front with major player Congress, may get at 38 to 48 seats in a total of 140. BJP may end up with just a seat or two. 

Congress DMK alliance in Puducherry is expected to win 15 to 21 seats according to India Today - Axis exit poll survey, while AINRC is likely to give up its power as they are expected to win not more than 12 seats on whole and AIADMK can get 1 to 4 seats.

So, Congress has to be ready to lose two more states of Assam and Kerala unless miracles happen to prove exit poll surveys wrong.