Om Namo Venkatesaya

Indian Buys Google For 1 Minute

An ex-Google employee named Sanmay Ved from the Kutch region in Gujarat and now an MBA student at Babson College in Boston, bought one of the most expensive domain names,, all for just $12, but unfortunately, for only one minute. Sanmay Ved earlier worked for Google during the period 2007-2012.

Couple of days ago, Sanmay was browsing through Google Domains and Google's domain registration product and noticed that was available for buying for only $12. Excited, Sanmay clicked on the buy button and added to his cart. The Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) was auto-updated with webmaster related messages for the domain, which means the ownership of the domain was transferred to Sanmay.

Unfortunately, Google detected the glitch and within one minute, Sanmay got an email from Google Domains about the cancellation of his transaction. Google could do this instantly since it owns Google Domains. However, Sanmay claims that his credit card was charged for Rs 800 for the transaction.