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Pelli Choopulu Movie Review - 4/5 - Perfect Movie for Weekend

Cast: Vijay Devarakonda, Ritu Varma, Nandu, Anish Kuruvilla, Abhay and Others
Directed by: Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam
Produced by: Raj Kandukuri, Yash Rangineni
Banner: Dharmapatha Creations
Music by: Vivek Sagar
Release Date: 2016-07-29

Pelli Choopulu is an endearing romantic comedy that comes as a fresh whiff of breeze amongst the cliched offerings from Tollywood. First timer Tharun did a commendable job in handling this light hearted entertainer that is laced with emotions.

What is it about?

Prashanth (Vijay) is a confused guy who is passionate about cooking. He meets Chitra (Ritu) who has high aspirations in life. They both have different ideologies and mindsets, but they come together to get a step closer to their aims. However things don't go as planned for them.


Vijay Devarakonda who has put up an impressive show in 'Yevade Subramanyam' has once again came up with a natural yet striking performance in this film. He keeps it simple even in the emotional scenes. He is a treat to watch. Ritu Varma has got an author backed role. She is a fine actress that she made the most of it. Priya Darsi as hero's friend is an asset to the film. His comedy timing and dialog delivery are superb. Abhay complemented him well. Anish Kuruvilla of Anand fame shined in his role. Kedar Shankar and Gururaj have played their part.


Tharun Bhascker who has started off with short films took a simple plot for his debut feature film and narrated it in an entertaining way. He made sure to get the best output of his resources. He is surely a talent to watch out for.

Music by Vivek Sagar is superb. He did a fabulous job with the background score. Nagesh's camera work is pleasant. In fact it is one of the best assets of this film. Editing is neat. Producers should be appreciated for backing this idea and the new director. Production values are good even if it is made on a budget.

Thumbs Up:





Thumbs Down:

Lag in second half



Pelli Choopulu doesn't have a great story line. However, young director Tharun narrated it in a refreshingly striking way which is ably supported by the cast and the technical crew. First half of the film is particularly impressive and totally paisa vasool with relatable characters and lots of freshness in its screenplay.

Vijay's encounters with his ex girlfriend, call center episode and his attempt at making prank videos will leave you in splits. Director effortlessly mixes humor into the proceedings without deviating from the plot. Director had full clarity and command over his craft that there is absolutely no confusion in screenplay in spite of narrating two stories simultaneously during the first hour.

Second half is a bit emotional compared to the first half as the characters get serious about what they do. Few emotional scenes in the second half are truly impressive. On the flip side, the story gets predictable in the second half. Climax also isn't that effective. But that is not a big deal. All in all Pelli Choopulu is a breezy entertainer that will leave a smile on your face.

Verdict: Refreshing Romance.