Om Namo Venkatesaya

KTR to campaign in USA Presidential elections?

If all goes well, Telangana IT and Industry minister KT Rama Rao will campaign in the ensuing USA Presidential election in November. 

Sources said that during his recent visit to America, many leaders from Democrats and Republicans met KTR and explained their party agendas for the welfare and development of Telugu people hailed particularly from Telangana. KTR also shown interest on the party's political strategies to woo the voters.

The policies adopted by the previous. Republican and the present democratic governments in creating job and business opportunities to international community has been explained to KTR.

The two party leaders already engaged talks with noted US NRIs and sought their support on the election before KTR visit.

Party leaders said during intensified campaign in October, KTR may go to USA and held meetings with Telangana NRIs and discuss the party election manifestos of the two parties before election. KTR will support the party which offers best packages to Telangana NRIS as well as Telangana development. 

He would also encourage the Telangana community to vote the party which suits Telangana needs.