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Tallest Flag Gives Tough Time for T Govt

The proud moment of hoisting India's largest ever flag on banks of Hussain sagar in Sanjeevaiah park by Telangana Government has not lasted long. T government is facing troubles in managing the biggest and highest ever flag. The reason behind this is the heavy wind that is damaging the flag with a small tear initially and that itself aggravates until it needs to be replaced. 

With a huge weight and at a height of 291 feet, the national flag is often getting tears and the officials have replaced four flags so far since it was hoisted on Telangana formation day. Though the flag bagged number of records, its management has become the toughest part. 

The first flag was replaced in just 16 days after hoisting and the second flag too got damages with tears in just three days after that. The next one took 12 days to get torn and with no other option left, the officials kept the post empty for two days. Right now, it is the fourth flag on post and each flag costs upto Rs 1.5 Lakhs. 

First three flags were manufactured in Khammam and the government ordered the next three flags at Mumbai Sarabai flag company. Telangana government consulted Delhi flag foundation of India chief KV Gill and learned the regulations regarding national flag management. 

When the latter said that a flag torn due to weather conditions comes under Monument flag category and can be kept down for few days, Telangana government hoisted the new flag after leaving the post empty for two days. There were discussions about handing over the management of national flag to HMDA from R&B soon. 

Apart from hoisting the largest ever national flag in India, Telangana government officials are worried about its management in future, when three flags were damaged in just 16 days!