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Lacchimdeviki O Lekkundi Review - 2.5/5 - Goes for toss in second half

What is the film about?
What happens when a con job to rob bank in a different way, claiming unclaimed accounts, goes wrong?

How is Naveen Chandra’s performance?
Naveen Chandra is an actor who has been doing films back to back with relative ease. It’s in the screen presence and charming quota that he lacks and it’s apparent here as well. The star does all the tricks to entertain and engage but somehow it doesn’t. All that one can say in the end is to try harder maybe the magic would eventually appear.

Direction By Jagadish Talasila?
Director has chosen an interesting backdrop and set up for this crime comedy. The crime angle is neatly done but he falters in the comedy aspect which jars the narrative. In fact the tone shifts completely post interval which brings the film down.

Lavanya Tripathi and others?
Lavanya Tripathi is good in a simple role that doesn’t require too much of histrionics initially. The character takes a major turn post intermission and she does it with competence. Jayaprakash Reddy as bank manager is the scene stealer in the film. He comes into form from interval and maintains it till the end. Ajay is decent where as Brahmaji is wasted.

Music and other departments?
Music by veteran MM Keeravani is adequate to the plot with one good song. Background score is good. Editing is neat. Cinematography is decent. Dialogues are good and in sync with context.

Basic plot
Bank set up

Takes time to get into actual plot
Losses track in second half

Alternative Take
The film was fine up to a point before it takes the farcical comedy route. An alternative take would be go in logical way from that point where the film deviates.