Om Namo Venkatesaya

KCR Over-estimating Real Boom?

Telangana government had decided to put 3,718 Rajiv Swagruha flats in Bandlaguda (Nagole) and Pocharam (Ghatkesar) in the city up for sale in an e-auction which will be held daily from August 7 to 17. About 2,244 flats in Bandlaguda and 1,474 flats in Pocharam are on offer.

These flats are constructed during the previous Congress governments. Some of them are completed and some of them are still incomplete even today. While the completed flats will be given possession immediately. The buyers will have to bear the expense of the remaining works of the incomplete flats. The state government is expecting a minimum of 900 Crore. However, the reality is otherwise. Real Estate experts say the government is going to be in for a huge disappointment as prices are on par with the rates of new flats, while these flats are seven years old. This is the first ever online bidding in the country for such huge number of flats