Om Namo Venkatesaya

Summer helping YSRCP to fight against TDP!

With the upcoming raise in MLAs in Andhra Pradesh, TDP opened the gates for opposition politicians to join the ruling party. YSRCP encountered several politician migrations in the recent times and this is set to increase further in the coming days. If this happens, YSRCP will become too weak before TDP in Andhra Pradesh.

To counter attack this problem, YSRCP leader YS Jagan decided to revolt against TDP with a solid issue. Summer came to the rescue of YSRCP and the prevailing water issues in the state turned to be the solid issue which YSRCP is waiting for. As per the latest updates, YS Jagan is preparing his crew for a revolt against TDP for not taking care of the water issues in the state.

Most of the regions in Andhra Pradesh are nearly in drought boundary and YSRCP is said to be going into the people to help them in revolting against the government for the weak water vision. We have to see if this helps YSRCP to take an edge over TDP in Andhra Pradesh.