Om Namo Venkatesaya

Andhra Settlers Acted Selfish In GHMC Polls?

No one including the TRS party leaders could believe the unanimous trust shown by the GHMC voters in the municipal elections. What was even more surprising was the way even the Seemandhra settlers took TRS' side by voting the party to power in all the settlers dominant constituencies, except the KPHB division where TDP was voted to power.

What baffled everyone is the how the majority Seemandhra settlers who reside in Madhapur, Kukatpally, Miyapur, Vanasthalipuram, Maljajgiri etc completely forgot the way Chandrababu developed their localities in his reign.

Ironically, these were the same Seemandhra settlers who vehemently hated KCR's badmouthing of Seemandhra settlers during the Telangana movement. These settlers even denied TRS' leadership and voted for the TDP-BJP alliance in the 2014 elections in the GHMC region.

Also, TRS being the ruling party in the state seemed to be another cause for Seemandhraites taking KCR's shelter this time hoping that their problems will be solved in the next few years. Incidentally, even the Andhra people forgot the dark history and gave a thumping response to KCR during his Amaravati visit.

Unlike the Telangana people who nurtured a strong hatred against Seemandhra settlers over several decades, looks like the Seemandhraites took just 18 months to forget all the humiliation caused by KCR and others and now happily embraced TRS.

And now, one can only hope that the TRS government does justice to keep the trust shown by the Seemandhraites and fulfill all its poll promises.