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Chiru Back in Mogalthur. Why?

Actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi has made a comeback in his native place Mogalthur. Chiru visited Perupalem village in West Godavari district on Monday which he had adopted under Prime Minister Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. Chiru laid foundation for two community halls in Perupalem after which he has attended a public meeting. Recently, Rs 5 Crores have been sanctioned to Perupalem by the Union Government under its brainchild initiative. Chiru's comeback in West Godavari and his foundations for development works naturally received to mixed reactions from the public. 

Political analysts opined that Chiru is now trying to claim credit for these development works and planning to revive his sagging popularity in the region. Though it's Central Government which made it happen, it seems, Chiru is now wanting to show it as his credit.

Ever since he was defeated in 2009 general elections when he contested for Palacole Assembly seat, Chiru had been maintaining distance from West Godavari. Also there wasn't much effect of him for his party PRP then in his native place. Since then Chiru is out of West Godavari district politics. Naturally, his latest visit to the place raised many eyeballs and became talking point in political circles. 

It can be noted that Chiru was infamous for not doing enough for his native place. In fact when few have approached him to donate his house in Mogalthur to make it a library, Chiru had turned down. Talk had it that he hasn't done anything in return to his native place.

Apparently, Chiru has realised the damage that took place. Looks like, Chiru is now wanting to do some damage control in order to revive his popularity in the region. The big question is that will people accept Chiru? - See more at: