Om Namo Venkatesaya

Naidu’s revolutionary idea to kick-start from today

Andhra Pradesh cabinet had ratified the new sand policy of the state. According to that, sand will be available for free to every one in the state from today. The government will be monitoring this new policy for a month. Those who try to take sand out of the state and sell there, will have cases registered on them under PD Act.

The nearly two years ruling of TDP in Andhra Pradesh is mostly clean except for some tiny issues. If there is some bad remark on the government in this time, it is only the faulty Sand policy which gave rise to Sand Mafia and increase in the cost of sand by multiple folds in open market.

Sand Sale brings approximately 200 Crore income for the state but is tampering the government image as well as burdening the common man due to Sand Mafia. People are welcoming this decision as it will make the dream of own house cheaper. This decision is also expected to boost the real estate in the state and bring down the costs, making housing prices more affordable to people.