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Rich Beggar 'Facebooked' With Audi Car

A 35 year Mathew Brinton is as famous as a celebrity in London now. Neither he is a politician nor a Buisnessman, but just a vagrant beggar from Nukeway bank street. 

Someone clicked a picture of him and posted it on Facebook flipping his secret side out. The picture has Brinton while he was getting into his 50 lakh rupee worth Audi sports car, parked in a public car parking

In no time, he became famous as richest beggar and the picture on Facebook gave a strong blow to Brinton. Someone stole his car from public parking and no one is ready to offer anything to him, he is being hated by everyone. 

The Facebook post with his picture attracted lot of visitors with hate comments on Brinton for cheating them all these years. Few even threatened him to kill, while cops have already warned him to stay safe. 

On the otherside, Brinton claims his innocence and says that this car was given by his grand dad and not at all the one he bought with his own bucks. He doesnot even know what Facebook is and he cries out that he does not even have a device to know anything about it. 

Nevertheless, he also got some supporting comments on the same post asking people around to leave him alone.