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Trump's Hate Comments On Priyanka & Deepika

American Presidential candidate for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump once again tried to attract his country citizens with controversial and hate comments, this time on Bollywood actors. 

In one of his recent speeches, Trump really promised that he would build a wall to stop Indian actors appearing in Hollywood films and that he will make Shah Rukh pay the cost for building it. He claims that many American actors are asking him to get rid of Indian actors in Hollywood films, as they are losing offers for actors like Deepika padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Anil Kapoor. 

Trump expressed his anguish on Indian actors at Oscars and even said that Anil Kapoor would appear as catering boy to act in a Hollywood film. While Trump's comments and hate speeches were applauded by people at meetings, most of his hatred talks are acting opposite to himself in elections, as many republicans are criticizing him for his policies and promises. 

Though Trump wins big in three states and lost Ohio for John Kasich, his nomination is not yet sure.