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Babu To Bring JD Back To AP

CBI Joint Director Lakshminarayana, the man who sent shock waves to several corrupt top brass politicians and bureaucrats including YS Jagan in the undivided Andhra Pradesh, will soon play a crucial role in AP capital Amaravati, if the ongoing reports are to be believed.

Apparently, AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu is planning to bring back JD Lakshminarayana as the Commissioner of Police to Amaravati on a 3-year deputation until his tenure ends in 2019. Apparently, Chandrababu has already made his decision and an official announcement is due in this regard.

JD Lakshminarayana played a key role in probing YS Jagan and several other co-accused in the disproportionate assets case, which even sent Jagan and his aides to jail. Lakshminarayana was lauded for his fearlessness and forthrightness in performing his duties. After his term came to an end in mid 2014, he was later transferred to Maharashtra as the state's Additional Director General of Police.