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'KCR Is Just Another Kejriwal'

In a sharp counter to the Telangana CM KCR's threat to launch a huge stir in New Delhi on the High Court division issue, Union Law Minister Sadanandagowda said that KCR is behaving like Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

"Kejriwal always criticizes the union government on every petty issue, forgetting his duties and responsibilities as a CM," the Union Minister said adding that blackmailing and threatening tactics will not help in resolving the issues.

Gowda asked KCR to stop making instigating statements and resolve the issues pending before centre in a cordial atmosphere. 

Sensing that the stir launched by Telangana Judicial officials on the long pending issue of High Court division will snowball into a major crisis, KCR shot off a letter to the centre on Tuesday night, requesting it to speed up the division process