Om Namo Venkatesaya

Naidu: Dare to Dream, Dream to Achieve!

The other day, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu announced that his dream is to conduct Olympics in Amaravati sooner or later. This sparked off a debate on social media. Some people have started ranting and ridiculing Naidu terming the idea as a Day Dream while some started analysis if India and AP can afford Olympics.

A similar debate occurred a decade ago when Naidu actively pursued to hold National Games in Hyderabad. He pulled off an impossible feat very successfully and later even went on to host Afro-Asian Games. He was on the verge of bringing F1 Race to Hyderabad but was brought down to the power. The infrastructure Naidu built in Hyderabad resulted in excellent Sports facilities in Hyderabad which helped Stars like Sania, Saina, and Sindhu. Conducting National Games and Afro-Asian Games is equally silly thought for Naidu’s detractors back then but he pulled it off wonderfully. Conducting Olympics may be difficult many times than that. But they say, Dare to Dream, Dream to Achieve! In the name of political favouritism, affiliations, and various other reasons, some people were pulling him down but then the best of Naidu or that matter, the Telugu race will come up only when they are in crisis. One thing is for sure, the day India is ready and win the bid for Olympics, Naidu will be in the first row to host the games if he is still at the helm.