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Here are the Assets of Nara Family

Nara Lokesh On Wednesday declared his family's assets and claimed that Nara family is the only political family to announce its assets and liabilities for the sixth consecutive year.

Lokesh said that his father and AP CM Chandrababu Naidu's net worth is Rs 6.7 crores. 'He has assets worth Rs 3.73 crore, a bungalow worth Rs 3.68 crores in Jubilee Hills and a 1993 model Ambassador Car worth Rs 1.52 lakhs. He also has liabilities worth Rs 3.06 crores to Bank of Baroda,' Lokesh added.

Nara Bhuvaneswari, wife of Chandrababu Naidu, has net assets worth Rs 24.84 crore. Her total assets including jewellery, lands and share in Heritage, which amounts to Rs 38.66 crores whereas she has liabilities worth Rs 13.82 crores.

Nara Lokesh claimed to have total assets worth Rs 14.5 crores and liabilities worth Rs 6.35 crore to take his net worth to Rs 8.15 crore. His assets include a land in Madinaguda and a bungalow in Jubilee Hills.

Lokesh's wife Brahmani owns total assets worth Rs 12.75 crore and her net worth is Rs 12.33 crore.

Lokesh's son Devansh has total assets to the tune of Rs 11.32 crore.

After revealing his family's assets, Lokesh handed a book containing the full details to media. He also divulged that his father-in-law and actor Balakrishna has lent Rs 2 crore to his family.

Lokesh also said that his family derives income from Heritage, a public listed company established in 1992. 'Heritage is being operated with utmost transparency and it has received several awards. Although there were several inquiries instituted by the ruling parties in the past, none could prove the allegations,' he said.

Retail giant Future Group was earlier in talks to acquire Heritage Fresh. Future Group's honcho Kishore Biyani was reported to have offered a lucrative deal but somehow the deal didn't materialize or the assets of Nara family would have been much bigger.