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Majnu Movie Review - 2.7/5 - Popcorn Entertainer

Cast: Nani, Anu Emanuel, Priyasri, Raj Tarun, Satya, Vennela Kishore and others
Directed by: Virinchi Varma
Produced by: P. Kiran, Geetha
Banner: Anandi Art Creations
Music by: Gopi Sunder
Release Date: 2016-09-23

Nani has been in prime form since Bhale Bhale Magadivoy. He is superb as usual in Majnu also. With his charming performance, Nani has shouldered the film and made it a watchable fare. However, the script written by Uyyala Jampala fame, Virinchi Varma is slack and very average.

What is it about?

Aditya (Nani) falls in love with Kiran (Anu), but the couple separates as differences crop up. Then Aditya moves on and gets attracted to Suma (Priya), but while narrating his love story to her, he realizes that he is still in love with Kiran. However, things go out of Aditya's control that he gets caught in a difficult situation.


Nani is excellent in this film. He has given an exceptional performance even though the script doesn't give him much scope for him. He shines all through the film even when the script goes haywire. Anu Emmanuel is easy on eyes, but needs to work on her expressions. Priya Shri is strictly average. Satya gets a meaty role and he did his best. Saptagiri didn't add much value to the proceedings. Vennela Kishore's episode clicks. Raj Tarun's cameo is neat. Posani didn't have much scope to perform.


Virinchi Varma has done well in presenting the first half in an engaging fashion. He struggled hard to keep the things on track during the second half. He had to rely on comedy scenes and Nani's performance to hold things together. He has a good sense of humor, but should have written proper screenplay for this age old love triangle.

Gopi Sunder's music is pleasant. A couple of songs are mellifluous. Background score is right on the money. Cinematography is one of the striking elements of this film. Gnanasekhar scores an A+ with his top class visuals. Editing could have been crisp, especially during the second hour. Dialogues are fun at places. Production values are good.

Thumbs Up:


First half


Thumbs Down:

Second half

Routine script


Majnu is a usual love story without anything refreshing about it. A boy and girl fall in love and get separated due to differences. The boy meets another girl and fall in love, but realizes his feelings for the first girl. Now he has to get back to her without hurting the second girl. We can predict what comes next after the conflict is revealed.

Director couldn't hold the things together after the interval point as the story turns predictable. He should have tried for making it an engaging fare by creating drama between the three leads. Instead he chose to rely on comedy, which has saved it to an extent. The final confrontation scene should have been handled better. It looks very odd and unconvincing with artificial dialogue.

Nani did his best to redeem it after that with an entertaining train sequence. To cut things short, Majnu isn't a bad film, but it isn't impressive either. It is just a watchable film because of the lead actor's exuberance. It should appeal to the urban audience and do well in A centers. Don't expect too much from Majnu and believe in Nani so that you wouldn't be disappointed.

Verdict: It is Nani's show all the way.