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Ambica Krishna on Balakrishna, Jr NTR; dances to Paisa Vasool's 'Are Mama'!- Mukha Mukhi

Andhra Pradesh Film, Television and Theatre Corporation Chairman Ambica Krishna said that he and Balakrishna are close friends. In an exclusive interview with a programme of Mukha Mukhi, Ambica Krishna has shared his political connection and his contribution towards the films especially in making movies with big heroes including Balakrishna. Ambica Krishna has ruled out the allegations against him over issuing a blank cheque to one heroine. He said that if CM Chandrababu Naidu gives him a MLA ticket in the Upcoming 2019 General Election, he will accept it. He has opened up about the rumours of differences with Balakrishna and Jr NTR. Ambica Krishna has also danced to Paisa Vasool's 'Are Mama' song.