Om Namo Venkatesaya

Apple to allow users to delete default apps

Annoyed with the inbuilt apps on iPhone which occupy massive storage space on device? This will come to an end soon as the latest version of Apple's iOS9 iteration-903 beta-allows the user to delete the apps. 

After making the iOS 9.3 beta version available to the developers for testing, Apple recently released beta version for non-developers.

Since the iOS was launched years back, it was impossible to remove the in-built apps. Maximum that could be done was to hide them, but storage anyhow was in use. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that they are looking for ways of letting user delete the native apps too. Currently, there are 32 in-built apps. 

Besides the rarely used apps like Find Friends, podcasts, important apps like settings if deleted might affect the functioning of the phone.