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AVUNU Movie Review - 3.25/5

Movie : AVUNU
Rating: 3.25/5
Cast : Poorna, Harshavardhan Rane, Chalapathi Rao, Delhi Rajeswari, Sudha, Ravibabu and others
Directed by : Ravi Babu
Produced by : Ravi Babu
Banner : Suresh Productions and Flying Frog Productions
Music : Sekhar Chandra
Release Date : 2012-09-22
Ravibabu is one of the directors who don't make routine films. He is good at making romantic comedies and spooky thrillers. Avunu is another nice little thriller from this talented director.

What is it about?

Mohini (Poorna) and Harsha (Harshavardhan) are newly wedded couple who moves into their new house. That is a haunted house and an invisible man keeps watching Mohini all the time. Mohini comes to know that there is someone in the house and then starts the thrilling ride.


Poorna is good as the female lead. Ravibabu has given her a very tough task of shouldering this film and she does that effortlessly. She has the necessary oomph that is 'required' for the role she plays. Harshavardhan is fine in his limited role. He does a neat job in the penultimate scene. All others are decent in their assigned roles.

On the Technical Front:

Dialogues written by Nivas are fine. Mostly casual conversations. There are no songs in this film. Background score takes the cake. Sekhar Chandra did a very good job. Cinematography is another asset. There are no special camera angles and camera movements at all. The camera is static throughout the film. Lighting schemes are good. They have used natural lights only. Editing is neat.

Director Ravibabu is in fine form. Right from the titles he has tried to be creative. His ideas of using natural lights and keeping the camera static are noteworthy. He maintained the tempo throughout the movie. That is not an easy task for a film which is confined to certain boundaries.


Story unfolds at a leisure pace. The 'ghost' plays safe games at the start. It takes a while for everything to settle down. Although there are few horror film cliches like an abandoned house, lonely lady and a huge house... Ravibabu made sure that it appears novel. First half is nice with few chills and thrills here and there.

Second half is pretty good with very good scenes. If you don't search for logics you can enjoy the film even better. Horror and thriller genre fans would get their money's worth with Avunu. There are engrossing situations and scenes which would ensure you an edge of the seat experience.

The film should have been crisper due to the plot limitations. Except for that Avunu provides what is expected from it. Good films are very rare in this genre and Avunu should do well if it reaches the target audience. It is definitely worth a watch.


Avunu: A nice little thriller which gives required chills!